director of the school

Prof. Ezekiel Edem Williams, PHD


Prof.Ezekiel Edem Williams is a professor of Business Administration, holds a PHD in Business management and Administration. He is a fellow in over 12 professional organization in Nigeria and oversees. He is a Lecturer, Business man, Author, Researcher, amongst other achievement. He is a dedicated and erudite intellectual and professional in the fields of Accounting, Taxation and Management. As the name ‘Eggheads’ implies, the director has a vision of producing intellectual students who are able to stand out in the crowd. He believes greatly in education and this has prompted him to create a standard learning environment, building good facilities and also employing competent teachers.

Contact Info
The name of the school is Eggheads International School. It is a co-educational school that operates both day and boarding systems.
  • The school is located along link road between Deeper Life Bible Church Headquarters, Court Estate and Circular Road, Elimgbu, Port Harcourt.
  • (+234) 706 376 3875